aesthetics over function
Shopping for summer tops in the middle of winter 👍 #brandymelville #halter #backless #comeonwhereareyousun
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No matter where I go, I still end up me. What’s missing never changes. The scenery may change, but I’m still the same incomplete person. The same missing elements torture me with a hunger that I can never satisfy. I think that lack itself is as close as I’ll come to defining myself.
— Haruki Murakami (via wordsthat-speak)

(via wordsthat-speak)


wine on set is not a bad thing | Fawn DeViney 
I was twenty-one at the time, about to turn twenty-two. No prospect of graduating soon, and yet no reason to quit school. Caught in the most curiously depressing circumstances. For months I’d been stuck, unable to take one step in any new direction. The world kept moving on; I alone was at a standstill. In the autumn, everything took a desolate cast, the colors swiftly fading before my eyes. The sunlight, the smell of the grass, the faintest patter of rain, everything got on my nerves. How many times did I dream of catching a train at night?
— Haruki Murakami, A Wild Sheep Chase (via erohwid)

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because pretty is the new useful.